Nora's Beauty Diary


“I tell you what I want, what I really really want”;-) I want Posh-Spice`s dress, thats what I really really want;-) Victoria Beckham looked stunning in a dress from the british designer Giles Deacon. Deacon used to work for Bottega Veneta and Gucci, before he started for himself in 2003. Im not even sure if I ever was a big fan of Spice Girls, but they have become legends in the meantime. And the girls looked hotter than ever before, and made sure that the Olympics went out with a bang and a wow! Girl-power is back, at least for one night!

Bilder: Getty Images

Nora's Beauty Diary

“Love is always en vogue and does not know any borders”

Even the story behind “theloveverse” is sweet; starting with a profound friendship between co-founders and designers: Stefanie Lischka and Andrea Weidlich. Meeting back in Vienna, Austria, after years with traveling and experience, deciding to follow their dreams. We had the pleasure of meeting them here in Berlin during Fashion Week, and everybody fell instantly in love with these lovely bracelets.If you want to be a part of the charm, just click:

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