Nora's Beauty Diary


Next one up to share her beauty tips, is my dear friend Anniken Binz! I actually saw her picture before I met her, she was already big in Norway, being part of a big Benetton-campaign and featured everywhere. Then I met Anniken for the first time when we were both sent by our agencies in Oslo to work in Milan. I was so impressed with her from the first moment, she was such a free spirit, not afraid to do her very own things! This was quite extraordinary at the age of 17, where most of us were super-busy doing what everybody else was doing;-) Anniken was not afraid of anything, at least in my book! My first impressions of this wonderful free spirit and beautiful person seemed to be right, while she was working and travelling as a model, she also started as a base jumper and skydiver sponsored by Berghaus, UK.  Today Anniken is based in Oslo, Norway, and keeps busy as a Yoga instructor, model, motivational speaker, adventurer and mother of two. Her education is in Human Geography specialized in Development. She has worked in Humanitarian sectors in Pakistan and Africa. I always thought of Anniken like a real life Lara Croft! Dont think you get much closer:-)

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Lassen sie sich MUSTERN!

Die neuen printed Jeans sind edel und zurückhaltend und perfekt für die kalte Jahreszeit. Sie ist wie unsere geliebte Bluejeans, bloß anders. Schwarz und mit tollen Ornamenten versehen, passt sie zu jedem Anlass. Im Casual Look mit großem Strickpullover und Ankle Boots, oder Chick zur weißen Bluse, Blazer und schwarzen Pumps. Sie ist ein wahres Multitalent!

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