Nora's Beauty Diary


My friend Marte, beautiful, talented and always with a smile, grew up on a small island off the West coast of Norway. I met Marte when we were both teenagers and modeling in Oslo, and then we met again, when we were both living in London. After exploring careers in modeling and media, she started her BA in Interior Design in London. I kept on travelling and Marte discovered and developed her passion for creating jewelry! In the beginning it was only meant for friends, but she fast caught the attention of stylists, and soon to follow boutiques were placing their orders. Marte loves traveling and picks up inspiration and material wherever she goes! Its something so feminine about her designs, and yet fun and wearable. I choose to believe that this also reflects Marte`s norwegian roots; we like to keep it simple:-) We fast learn that you dont wanna overdo it and it is not gold all that glitters;-) If you want to get some of Marte`s casual, yet smart and timeless pieces, visit! Below Marte shares some of her beauty-secrets!