Fly high, fly smart!

We all know what long and frequent flying means: dry skin, jet lag, illness and managing to have everything you need in one handbag. Today, flying has become a normality in many peoples lives, and then there are business people who fly several times a week. Business people or not, with that much traveling, there must be tips and tricks to help us make our flights, shorter as well as longer flights, as comfortable, practical and enjoyable as possible. kompletten Post lesen

Nora's Beauty Diary


Every mom or mom to be; discover at some point the need to get a diaper bag! Just one practical bag where everything fits, your little one`s and your own stuff! I was always suffering from „carrying around way too much“ in my bag already, and adding the baby stuff…Puuhh!  I started looking for the perfect baby/Nor-a bag, and all I found, were not even remotely what I wanted! I was on the verge of saddling for something really unsatisfactory, when I was invited to be a part of a workshop with Bugaboo and Kaviar Gauche, to develop the perfect Baby Bag! And I knew immidiately that I would love the result, and that my search had come to a happy end:-)

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