TRUE BERLIN No. 1 by Shan Rahimkhan & ghd

2x olympic champion, swimmer Britta Steffen attending the Black Carpet

On Friday the 13th 2013 Shan Rahimkhan teamed up with ghd to throw a spectacular party. The party took place in the latest of Shan Rahimkhan’s two great salons at Kurfürstendamm 195. Over 500 invited guests attended the party, enjoying themselves with bubbly drinks, delicious finger foods from the Shan’s Kitchen restaurant and dancing to the beats of Noah Becker.

The preparations of the event took place for months, but as always – hard work pays of! And it surely did. Even on a date (friday the 13th) which is known for causing bad things to happen, on that blue sky night only good things took place. On the day itself, the SR salon at Kurfürstendamm was keeping a lot of people busy. The entire salon had to be transformed into a modern lounge. One of the main transformations happening, was the art taping on the windows and mirrors, not to forget the perfect light design.

Allow us to take you through the preparations, the evening and the night. kompletten Post lesen

Nora's Beauty Diary

So sorry I missed it!!!

The rumor mill says that Shan literally rocked Berlin last Friday, and I am so sorry to have missed it! Having the salon on Kurfürstendamm transferred into a disco palace, Shan and his wife Claudia, became the party pioneers of West Berlin;-)!  Here are some of my favorite pics from the event!

Joachim Loew and Shan Rahimkhan and all above Shan and Claudia Rahimkhan.

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High End Jewelers’ take on fashion jewelry

G Boutique (from the Gumuchian brand) Daisy ring, € 2200

Elizabeth Taylor, whose jewelry collection was valued over a hundred million euros, famously said “big girls need big diamonds.” Unfortunately, not all girls can afford such sizable gems or even have the occasions to wear them. In our modern era, where casual clothing is the norm, how does any woman still fit diamonds and gold in her wardrobe without looking gaudy? kompletten Post lesen