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Beauty Talk with Martine Kveim

About a year ago Martine quit her job in a recognized marketing agency in Oslo, to put her life on reset and to go traveling. It is all good to travel right after high school, but not at all, once you are caught up into the career-wheel! She needed new inspiration that she couldn’t find in the office!  The result was: A one way ticket to Brazil where she pursued her passion in kitesurfing. She literally went with the wind once the season changed and went on to Colombia, Venezuela, The Dominican Republic and Hawaii. She hiked in Nepal, meditated in silence for 2 weeks in India and went 7 days without eating in Thailand! Then a new door opened; while hitchhiking from Geneva airport to the Swiss Alps! She got a ride with her current client, Australian Keith Tuffley, who is currently attempting to ride all the stages of the three Grand Tours (Giro d´Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta a Espana) in one season, on the same day and just hours before the pros; The goal is to raise awareness for environmental sustainability and Martine is taking care of the PR and marketing. Martine and I became good friends in London many years ago, both sharing a passion for adventure and an urge to experience a life outside the Norwegian borders. If this urge is in your blood, you need to follow! And that is exactly what Martine is doing,  refusing to fall into the trap of every day normality. Anything less, wouldn`t be right! She is one of the most beautiful girls that I know, and therefor I am also very happy to have her share some of her beauty secrets;-) You can follow Martine and her adventures:

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