I must admit that being danish myself an somewhat patriotic, it is a tiny bit difficult for me to remain a 100% objective writing about Tromborg. Since the first time I saw their line of products in Illums Bolighus in Copenhagen (maybe Denmark’s best store for living accessories), I was sold on the spot. I really think that the design alone, manages to reflect the pureness and minimalism of Scandinavia. It just looks so clean and mild, which are the associations you would want to have for your daily skin care products.

I have later found out that my observations haven’t been that wrong. In fact, Tromborg’s main philosophy is to keep it as simple as possible for the customer. They don’t want to confuse you with 20 different night creams – they want to give you a few optional products (depending on your skin type) that will do the job perfectly, leaving your skin fresh and glowing. A natural and healthy look.

Of course, Tromborg also matches today’s thinking of keeping their products free of artificial coloring, use of synthetic perfume and parabens. But what I actually value even more, is the fact that it is, without exceptions, all being produced in Europe (mostly Germany). I really, really value that and see it as an extra quality.

If you go to the website of Tromborg, you will see that choosing from all the great different kind of products can be somewhat challenging. To help you out, you will find my favorite skin care products listed beneath.

By the way: Tromborg ships to all countries – big applause!


Exfoliating Scrub Mask – I like when my facial scrub is a bit „rough“. I really like to feel it „scrubbing“.

Calendula Water – Nourishes and soothes, and is an amazing alternative to skin tonic. I use this one several times every day. Whenever I have female friends or family visiting me, they seem to always steal a bit of it too 🙂

Cleansing Foam – Danish Beauty Award Winner – the scent of the product is nothing but amazing. Leaves the skin feeling very clean and fresh.

Herbal Cleansing Oil – Contains cold-pressed, organic argan oil in a highly nourishing and healing concentration.

Shirin Navab, our beauty expert here at Shan Rahimkhan says: I really liked the cleansing oil and the award winning cleansing foam. The scent of the foam is amazing. Another favorite of mine is the calendula water, it is so fresh on the skin. However, I would prefer if Tromborg in general had a more natural approach to their ingredients.





Contact information:

TROMBORG APS                                                                                


1256 KBH. K



Tel +45 3313 0580 / +45 2925 8380

Fax +45 3313 0380





Text: Micha Østergaard, Pictures: Tromborg & Micha Østergaard






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