Beauty can be found in the nature

It is common known that people of the 21st century, often seem to forget that the simplest of things, can be the very best for your health, body and skin. In today’s world, everything seems to be made with one chemical or artificial substance or the other. It is not easy to find something that is truly pure.

This post is a little reminder that high-tech isn’t the answer to all your prayers. Sometimes it is time to take a look at where it all started, where life started: nature.

We want to give you some new inspiration of what to look for in skin care products. In order to do that, we will be taking you to the scandinavian nature. 

Do you remember back in 2010 where the volcano outbreak in Iceland shut down several airports in entire Europe? Although many, many problems came from that, some good things could happen too. The icelandic skin care company Sóley quickly took use of the ashes from the outbreak and mixed it with icelandic herbs. The result is a facial mask filled with minerals and all natural. That is the spirit of all of their products – hand picked nature.



fersk white contains hand-picked wild yarrow from the south of Iceland, that soothes and nourishes while leaving skin feeling clean and fresh. GLÓey contains hard working crushed olive kernels, a refreshing amount of peppermint (an anti-depressant in aromatherapy) and hand-picked wild Icelandic herbs – which together create a revitalizing treatment that renews your skin’s natural GLOW.

Moving quite a bit more north, another skin care company  is offering a wide range of health products and 100% natural cosmetics from the Finnish pure nature. Frantsila uses Cold-pressed and organically-grown vegetal oils (sunflower, avocado, olive, argan, sea buckthorn, evening primrose and rosehip). They are rich in essential fatty acids, micronutrients and vitamins that nourish and heal the skin. Finnish organic herbal extracts stimulate skin functions and metabolism. They improve the regeneration of skin cells, helping skin to stay youthful and supple. Natural tocopherol, or vitamin E, revives skin tissue health. Gel from organic aloe leaves and  vegetal glycerin moisturize the skin. Finnish spruce knot and rosemary extracts act as effective antioxidants.

Rejuvenating Herbal Clay Mask -The Herbal Clay Mask removes skin impurities effectively, stimulates surface blood circulation and revives cell metabolism. Organic vegetal oils, Finnish organic herbs, flower therapy extracts and aroma-therapeutic essential oils bring clarity and a beautiful glow to the skin.

Bright eyes – nurturing and nourishing organic herbal extracts and oils, as well as its other natural ingredients rich in antioxidants; moisturize the sensitive skin around the eyes, add to flexibility and brightness, and even out surface wrinkles and small lines.

Rose Facial Tonic – A refreshing and nurturing, natural and alcohol-free tonic for all skin types. The Tonic moisturizes and calms the skin while maintaining its natural pH balance. It gives the skin new elasticity and freshness.

If you feel like giving your skin a big dosis of nature, this can help you further:


Frantsila + others


Text: Micha Østergaard, Pictures: click on pictures to follow original origin


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