Nora's Beauty Diary


As a big noisy locomotive; Fashion Week is back in the german capital. Well dressed women everywhere! Suddenly it takes forever to get a taxi, your favorite restaurant is fully booked and you have a whole new stress-level to your daily routine and life. And living in a city where people would possibly let you off the hook walking around in a pajama all day, there is suddenly a pressure on how you look and dress! What the…. As if not being pregnant gives you enough clothing issues as there is, and where exactly the pajama-look is more tempting than ever; It`s basically the only look you can pull off and feeling comfortable at the same time! And for the first time, you wish that Steiff and Petit Bateau was showing during Fashion Week and that the small canapés were exchanged with a BIG cake!:-) One thing is for sure, life takes new wonderful turns! Lets hope this goes for Berlin Fashion Week as well:-)

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